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Slägganpub with Qmisk

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

We are inaugurating this year's sledgehammer with Qmisk for the first time of the academic year!

Welcome to ZHAMMERPUB! We will be serving BEZTO BAZTA with exztra GARLIC, and there will be ZHAMMER (släggan) for the thirsty and patch-succy. GOBLINMODE will be there as well.

All first-year students, make sure to have paid your THS membership to become IN-members, otherwise, you will be counted as external guests, and we have only a limited number of spots for externals. Pay the membership here:

When: Thursday, September 14th, 17:00 - late!

Where: The Kistan 2.0, Kistagången 14

Food: Pesto pasta (vegetarian options always available)

Dress code: Who the heck parties with pants on?


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