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Hundratals kapsyler i olika färger som ligger i en hög.

Student Information

When you enter through the Electrum main entrance via Kistagången 16, all of KTH Kista's lecture halls and classrooms are located on the right side of Ljusgången (the central hallway). Lecture Halls A, B, and C are roughly at the same location as the respective staircases A, B, and C, one floor down (floor 2). There are signs hanging from the ceiling indicating the location of each room. If you want to study individually or in a group, you can use the open spaces available or sit in the chapter hall, Kistan 2.0. There are also microwaves available there for heating food. The chapter hall is open to all students, usually between 8-17 on weekdays. You can find it by entering the first door to the right (next to the Service Center) after the main entrance and following the corridor straight ahead.

You become a member of the chapter by joining the THS Student Union. As a member, you have easier access to all our activities and benefits. Additionally, you will also receive queuing days for Stockholms Studentbostäder.

At KTH Kista, there are plenty of group rooms available for students to use and book. All bookings are made while logged in at TimeEdit.

The following rules apply to the group rooms:

  • Only program and course students at KTH Kista are allowed to book and use the group rooms.

  • All group rooms can be booked between 07:00 and 23:00, seven days a week.

  • They can be booked for a duration of 30 minutes up to two hours, and you can make a new booking as soon as your previous one is finished.

  • Priority is given to groups of at least two people. If someone is sitting alone in a group room, a group of two or more individuals has the right to use the room even if the solitary student has a booking.

  • If a room is booked and no one has shown up after 15 minutes, it is free to use for others.

If a serious incident occurs, call KTH's emergency response center at 08-790 77 00. In case of an urgent emergency where there is a risk to health or property, always dial 112. Both numbers are available 24/7.

Rooms and Premises

Become a Member

Group Rooms

If anything happens

If you need help finding a room, have lost something, need assistance with your access card or KTH account, you can turn to the Service Center located just to the right after entering through the main entrance to Electrum at Kistagången 16.


They are open between 9-15 on all working days. You can also reach them via or 08–790 4000.

Service Center

KTH Kista is located north of central Stockholm in the heart of Kista, one of the world's leading clusters for information and communication technology. The area has an impressive history of development in wireless communication technology and now houses over a thousand companies operating in the ICT industry. The campus is situated in the Electrum building on floors 2 and 3. Approximately 2000 students study here across four different programs, as well as an equal number of master's programs. The address for Electrum and KTH Kista is Kistagången 16, 164 40 Kista.

KTH Kista

Have you found something that is broken? Or have you noticed that a printer is not working, a handle is coming loose, or any other faults and deficiencies in the study environment? In that case, you should report this. You can do it most easily to the Service Center or in our maintenance report channel in the chapter Discord server.

Maintenance Reports (Felanmälningar)

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